600W smart broyeur portable toilet for caravan and boat

600W smart broyeur portable toilet for caravan and boat

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Flushing Method Electric Power-assisted Type
Flushing Flowrate 3/4.5L
Remote Control Included
Mix. Pit Spacing 185mm
Feature Concealed Tank,Dual-Flush,Automatic Operation
Installation Type Floor Mounted
Buffer Cover plate Yes
Weight 31-40KG
Flushing Button Type Side-pressing One-part Form
Material Ceramic
Advanced Function Remote Control
Model Number SFT600
Drainage Pattern P-Trap
Toilet Bowl Shape Round
Unit Type piece
Package Size 60cm x 43cm x 53cm (23.62in x 16.93in x 20.87in)
Package Weight 37.0kg (81.57lb.)
Product Description

We install a strong grind pump motor inside of the ceramic toilet, the grind pump motor can cut the toielt paper, the important is that this kinds of toilet can be installed anywhere you want. Because it doesn't need the big hole for drain, only 32 mm or 40 mm pipe. It pump 5 meters higher and 50 meters length. So if you want to change the old house or you want to install a toilet in the basement / cellar, our item is the best choice.


What Is a Maceator Toilet?

Maceration allow for toilets to be installed in low water pressure areas by using a mechanism to cut up human waste.




Macerating toilet are the same size as normal toilets. The only difference is that install a grind pump inside of the toilet.


What They Do


After flushing, whatever was in the toilet is sent to the grind pump and is cut up into a semi-liquid mixture.


Why They are Important


Used in low water pressure areas and below sewage lines, macerating toilets are able to send waste to the sewage line due to the fact that the waste has been liquidized.




Maceating toilets do not use more water than any other normal toilets, and are even more environmentally friendly than some by using less water per flush.




They can be installed anywhere, and it is not necessary to cut concrete, break walls or pull up tile when installing. 


This is the macerator toilet specification.




This is the warehouse.






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