TOWE AP-RJ45-16ERJ45 10/100M 16 Ethernet Network Protection, 19" standard rack mount  Ethernet network surge protection

TOWE AP-RJ45-16ERJ45 10/100M 16 Ethernet Network Protection, 19" standard rack mount Ethernet network surge protection

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Brand Name TOWE
Model Number AP-RJ45-16E
Unit Type piece
Package Size 51cm x 18cm x 15cm (20.08in x 7.09in x 5.91in)
Package Weight 1.98kg (4.37lb.)












Products Description    

TTS RJ45 10/100M UTP Ethernet data traffic surge protector

Products Application                                   
Applied to lightning region LPZ1-LPZ2 partition interface. TTS-RJ45-E100/4S protect a 10/100M Ethernet standard twisted-pair cable, RJ45-8E, 16E, 24E protection respectively 8, 16 and 24 10/100M Ethernet standard twisted-pair

Products Type
TTS-RJ45-E100/4S TTS-RJ45-24E TTS-RJ45-16E TTS-RJ45-8E

According to TIA / EIA 568 and ISO / IEC 11801 standard design, is five cable Ethernet structured cabling systems and other similar applications ideal surge protector. Provide high energy and low energy coarse-level protection for data lines fine protection to sensitive electronic equipment from damage. Products with good frequency transmission characteristics, high-pass flow and fast response speed, can be widely used in office and industrial premises 100M Ethernet network cabling and similar data communication systems. Interface in the form of products as the standard RJ45 interface, plug and play protection line 1,2,3,6, installation and maintenance is very convenient.
Product Features:
  1. network line surge voltage protection
  2.discharge current 5kA
  3.High-speed response
  4. low voltage limit
  5. RJ45 socket ends of the crystal
  6. 10/100M adaptive
  7. two pairs of ground lightning discharge circuit

Products Data



AP 100M16

Nominal Voltage



Max.Continous operation voltage



Rated current



C2 line - the line between the nominal discharge current (8/20μs) L-L



C2 Total nominal discharge current (8/20μs) L-PG



C2 line - between the ground Maximum discharge current (8/20μs) L-PG



C2 IN voltage protection level L-L



C2 IN voltage protection level L-PG



Insert Loss



Max. Transfer speed



Responce Time



Conventions protecting core wire



Protect Level


IP 20

Input / output interface



Mounting rails



Operation Temperature


- 40degree ~ + 80degree

Application and Maintenance


  AP 100M16 protect a 10/100M Ethernet standard twisted-pair cable is suitable for protecting a single computer or server, M16,M8,M24  protection respectively 8, 16 and 24 10 / 100M Ethernet standard twisted pair cabling standards applicable to lightning or other surge protection CAT3, SWITCH CAT5 system, HUB, ROUTER and computer network equipment.

Product Installation
Integrated multi-stage surge protection, lightning can be used for regional LPZ1-LPZ2 partition interface with mounting accessories cables, which can be easily connected in series access line, pay attention to the direction of the cable out of the installation, there are "IN" and "OUT" sign. "IN" is always a non-protected side, and indicate the direction of voltage that may arise over the protection side "OUT" points to the protected area or equipment grounding conductor by equipotential connections should be installed as close to the equipment to be protected, and with the shortest ground paths. Ground path should be as short as possible, no longer than 1.5 meters. TTS-RJ45-E100/4S can be easily mounted on 15/35mm standard rail, AP M8, M16, M24 can be easily installed in standard 19-inch rack, occupying only 1U of space. Note that out of the surge protector should take when installing cable lines separated to avoid the emergence of a secondary coupling surge. During the installation will also be required to confirm whether the pin with a surge protector communication communications equipment used to protect the feet to match, or to change the wiring at the interface that jumper.
Product Maintenance
Should be checked regularly work surge protector, because if we find the cause of the surge protector reduces system transmission performance or signal interruption, the user is prompted lapsed protection circuit protector installed in the electronic device loses its protective effect downstream users must replace the protector immediately.
Order information
10/100M 16 Ethernet Network Protection, 19 "standard rack mount


Order information




shell material



10/100M Single-port Ethernet network protection

Aluminum profiles



10/100M 16 Ethernet Network Protection, 19 "standard rack mount

Sheet Metal



10/100M 24 Ethernet Network Protection, 19 "standard rack mount

Sheet Metal



10/100M 8 Ethernet Network Protection, 19 "standard rack mount

Sheet Metal


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