10 PCS/Lot 54W E27 led grow light 12 Red 6 Blue LED Plant Grow Light Hydroponic Plant Flowers Vegatables Green Led Grow Lights

10 PCS/Lot 54W E27 led grow light 12 Red 6 Blue LED Plant Grow Light Hydroponic Plant Flowers Vegatables Green Led Grow Lights

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Details ...
Item Type Grow Lights
Model Number E27 LED Grow lights
Width 12
Certification CE,RoHS,CCC
Length 12cm
Features High effiency
Body Material Aluminum
Power Source AC
Light Source LED Bulbs
Is Dimmable No
Voltage 110-240V
Warranty 3 Years
Wattage 54W
LED Temperature 630mm 460mm
Led Quantity 18(12pcs 630mm and 6pcs 460mm)
Body color silver
Unit Type lot (10 pieces/lot)
Package Size 15cm x 15cm x 15cm (5.91in x 5.91in x 5.91in)
Package Weight 6.5kg (14.33lb.)

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The 54 watt Advance Spectrum LED Dual Band Panel Grow Lights are great for supplemental lighting! This LED panel helps provide an enrichment support for plants during the flowering or blooming stages as well as the vegetation stage. Our LED grow lights are one of the most efficient, high quality, and green option for indoor gardening enthusiast helping you produce the high quality harvest that growers' desire.

Item Specification

Light Type : Led plant grow ligh

Output Power:54W

Luminous Flux(lm) : 3500-3700LM

Led Tips  : 100% new Epistar

Led Quantity: 18(12pcs 630mm and 6pcs 460mm)

12 Red 6 Blue

Input Voltage(V) : AC85-265

Net weight(g) : 1600g

Lifespan : more than 50,000H

Warranty :3years

Safety Standard : CE  ROHS CCC

Storage condition: -40~85 degree

Working Temperature: <65°C

 Base type: E27

Using 100% 3W Grow LED Chips : (Note: there are so many kinds of LED grow lights in the marketplace , but most of them donot use real GROW LEDs in their grow lights, and the wavelength of their lights are totally wrong, this will kill your plants, it will waste your time and money ) Blue(430nm 460nm, Help plants growing); Red(630nm 660nm, help plants Flowering);UV(wavelength: 380nm)


Our E27 54W Led Grow light can be customize.Such as:630nm,660nm,610nm,450nm,430nm,520nm,10000K,12000K,UV,730nm,all is ok.Just mark it under your order.

But 730nm and UV 2USD expensive.






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Specification and Description

Best GROW  18x3w LED grow light :
Powerful Best Grow E27 18X3 LED Grow light 
LED Chips: 18PCS 3W Bridgelux Grow LED chips , 3W LED Chips are better for plants grow and flower.
Wavelength: RED: 630nm 660nm ; Blue:440nm 460nm (We also have IR, UV, Orange, white color LEDs , and we can customize color and wavelength on your request)
Voltage: universal voltage: 85-265V
Dimension diameter:122mm ; height:136mm
Power corder type: Specific plug for specific country ,  if you have other request about plug please contact me . 
Warranty : 3years warranty,  90 days no question asked money back guarantee
Lifespan :  > 50000H  

Key Features of our LED grow light :
Our LED grow lights will promote extreme growth in seeding vegetation and flowering cycles resulting in HUGE yields with less heat, guaranteed! 
We have tested the light on our own plants with great success, so it is 100% works , this is the major difference between other seller's products 
Our lamps use 3W Bridgelux Grow LED chips, exclusively: Blue(440nm 460nm, to help plants grow); Red (630nm 660nm, to help plants flower)
(Note: there are many LED grow lights in the marketplace, but most of them do not use real GROW LEDs. As a result, the wavelengths of the lights are incorrect and they may kill your plants, wasting your time and money. Our lights last six times as long as HID lights and give you 50%-70% savings in energy costs, Warm to the touch - won't burn plants, No HID toxins -- The green grower's choice.)


Here is how specific wavelength works: 
Blue (wavelength: 440nm, 460nm): Helps plants grow 
Red (wavelength: 630nm, 660nm): Helps plants grow and flower: red LED is the key for flowering plants 
Infrared (wavelength: 730nm): IR can help plants grow, but can be harmful to people, so I suggest that you not use IR in your grow lights. If you really need it for a specific situation, we can add 1 or 2 piece IR LEDs. 
Ultraviolet (wavelength: 380-410nm): UV can help plants grow and will also kill insects, but it too can be is harmful to people, so we do not use it in our led grow lights. We can add UV LEDs if you need it for a specific situation. 
So we kindly suggest you use Blue and Red LEDs for your plants .

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