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  • Quality

    Quality inspection, testing, QC management and warranty guarantee

  • Quotation

    Cost-effective pricelist from the well-chosen suppliers from trustworthy database

  • Payment

    Safe and effective payment terms to guard your purchasing

  • Delivery

    Ensure the date of delivery, ensure logistics to end destinations, custom clearance service

  • Management

    Supplier management, reducing cost management

ECVV Safebuy service provides an end-to-end purchasing agent service that includes supplier identification and prequalification, quotation management, auditing, product development and testing; contracting and supplier selection, QC management, logistics management, payment and supplier development, custom clearance, warehousing service and other supply chain services.

The easy and trustworthy Safebuy Service makes the purchasing goes simple

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The Highlight of ECVV Safebuy Service

  • has a trustworthy suppliers database which was accumulated in the past 10 years
  • is located in China, the center of global manufacturers.
  • has gained a certain worldwide reputation of multiple industries, such as home appliances, gardening, hardware tools, smart home products, construction, small machinery and equipment, etc.
  • has a supply chain system that provides logistics, finance, custom clearance and tax refund services. We can also help reduce cost management effectively and legally.